Bitcoin shop: rdp dedic, linux dedic, ftp site and other access....
Only quality goods with 100% availability and a guarantee of 15 days.

All materials obtained by legal means. We have compromised and carding accesses.
1. Rdp/Linux servers have administrator/root access (random configurations)
2. FtpSite: access to the real sites with traffic ranking of 100unic. day + weight in search engines.
3. Sales in one hand
4. Payment bitcoin issuance after 1 network confirmation.
5. We do no interest what you'll do with the purchased access, no prohibitions, all responsibility for the use of you.

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# Product Amount Price for 1 pc.
RDP servers Windows 2016/2012/2008. Europe MIX
1Windows 2016 R2 Full Administrator43 $
RDP servers Windows 2016/2012/2008. Russia MIX
1rpd win 2012 full Administrator52 $
Linux servers, root access. Europe MIX
1Root server CentOS 7141.5 $
2Ubuntu 16.0422 $
Linux servers, root access. Russia MIX
1Ubuntu 16.04 full access root81.5 $
Full ftp access site. Russia MIX
1Сайт криптовалютной тематики .RU (трафик 230 ун день)115 $
2Новостной сайт криптовалюты домен в .ru (трафик более 400ун)138 $
3Сайты развлекательной тематики05 $
Full ftp access site. Europe MIX
Full ftp access site. USA MIX
FastFlux Hosting account + FastFlux dns
1Ignore all abuse. 1mo price. 1 Domain site2150 $
2Ignore all abuse. 1mo price. Unlim domain site1300 $
Bulletproof Dedic
1Ubuntu 16.04 price 1mo230 $
Social network
1Instagram accounts 10000+97 $

Sell hosting: (Bulletproof and Fast Flux)

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